4Ever Brand

The 4Ever Brand property and platform consists of a series of live concerts, (“4Ever Shows”) inspired by the principal values expressed in the US Declaration of Independence with events held annually in strategic 4Ever cities around the world leading to and on the 4th of July, Independence Day. For 2017 – 2020 The focus country is Italy with direct production and franchise model plans for global expansion.


The Format

Includes timeless locations, live symphonic orchestration, and host country/U.S. integration with influential artists and brands under the July 4th umbrella allowing each 4Ever city to stimulate its economy and build new bridges of commerce. The primary purpose is to promote freedom, democracy and equality thorough the universal language of entertainment by merging historical and contemporary once in a lifetime impressions and experiences. The show as a whole and/or segments thereof will be made available for delivery through various mediums including television broadcast, digital streaming platforms, and visual and recorded release through associated record labels and partners.


The Concept

The 4Ever Brand is inspired by the concepts that came to the world on July 4th, 1776. The concept of all men being endowed with Jefferson’s famous “inalienable rights” were born out of the European enlightenment, forged and fought for in America and have since become the standard for human rights around the world. 4Ever takes the 4th of July from national to global and shows the power of American ideals and influence outside of America back to Americans and continues to reinforce those values worldwide.


Mission Statement

For the Legacy of All

The 4Ever Show

Takes and elevates from the concept and purpose of Independence Day, from a National holiday to a Global one. July 4th we declare our independence to think, to believe in our power to create all things possible, to fulfill the need of growing and to imprint and imbed our life with memories for this generation and the ones which will follow.